September 2013

Deviance solarplate intaglio etching 16 x 12" $425

Barbara Mason & Tim Chilina


New Work


Sep 4, 2013 – Sep 29, 2013

Preview Reception, Wednesday, Sept 4, 6-8pm
First Thursday, Sept 5, 6-9pm
Artist’s Talk, Sunday, Sept 15th, 11am


During September at Waterstone Gallery, printmaker Barbara Mason and glass artist Tim Chilina explore the dynamics of choice in their exhibition of New Work.
Barbara writes about her solar-plate intaglio monoprints: “It is all about choice…As a species we are fairly fragile, yet we have managed to transform much of our planet; some of it good and some of it bad.  I choose to embrace this odd reality and move forward.  The future is some unknown scary thing or some exciting opportunity, depending on which mountaintop you are standing. I choose exciting opportunity. We constantly choose one thing over another, putting together what is pleasing to us and then sending it out into the world to be appreciated or ignored.”
Tim Chilina adds: “I prefer to experience a time when glass was a rare and beautiful and unique material, and not the commodity it has become.  I choose to make the vessels differently over time, with greater economy of resource, with innovation and passion, and because I must make that choice.  I choose to see them as metaphors for the quality of life before the rise of the semiconductor, and fossil fuels, and all the advantages afforded by modern alchemy.  And just like the world we live in today, they are fragile yet durable, luminous and colorful, and full of antiquated purpose.”