June 2013

Martha Pfanschmidt and Helga Winter

Terra Nullius

June 5, – June 30, 2013

Preview Reception: June 5, 5-8pm
First Thursday Reception, June 6, 6-9pm
Artist’s Talk, June 16, 11am

Terra Nullius is the land that belongs to no one.  Pfanschmidt and Winter explore the surfaces and terrains of the imagination in this exhibition of paintings and sculptural objects.  Martha Pfanschmidt has spent many hours in the last two years in airplanes looking at the world 30,000 feet below and was inspired by the patterns and colors of fields, rivers, lakes and various human habitations.  Helga Winter has been captivated for years by views of the world through tiny plane windows, and has had the good fortune of flying over Puget Sound in a single engine plane with camera in hand.  The surfaces of her turned vessels reflect the ephemeral visions glimpsed from a bird’s eye perspective.