July 2014

R Keaney Rathbun

Gardens of Paris

July 1, – August 3, 2014

Keaney Rathbun works in a variety of mediums: screen printing, sculpture, needlepoint tapestry, reverse appliqué quilting, stained glass, and most recently, bas relief carving. The work in his July show, Gardens of Paris, is largely a result of drawings and observations that he made in various Paris locales during the month of April 2013. To Keaney, a garden is a space that brings together elements from the natural world and the contributions of human design. In addition to traditional gardens, he feels that churches, museums, markets, cemeteries, and neighborhoods are designed with similar intention. The thread that runs through all of this work and ties it to his previous work is an interest in the idea of monument – a structure that is explicitly created to commemorate a person or event. In Paris, this is particularly true, as there are centuries of history commemorated in gardens of all forms, to remind you of the past. Of particular note in this exhibition, is the emergence of bas relief carving to his repertoire. A series of 10 small carvings is the cornerstone of this new body of work, which invites you into Keaney’s carefully crafted garden to view monuments of his life.

My Earthly Burdens