February 2014

Michael de Forest, Erin Leichty, and Angelita Surmon

New member exhibit:
Portrait, Landscape, and Narrative

February 4, – March 2, 2014

Waterstone Gallery Introduces 3 new member artists – Michael de Forest, Erin Leichty and Angelita Surmon

Michael’s training is making wooden furniture, his inclination is sculpture. He will be presenting bent wood, marquetry masks inspired by old, black and white mug shots; a stitched together, segmented bowl and bent wood box; and a carved and painted wall hung coat rack titled “Brothers”. He sees much of his work as portraiture and is interested in the imperfections and lopsidedness of physicality, as well as, psyche. He uses color and texture on wooden surfaces to support line and form. He turns wood, cuts it into segments, steam bends, bent laminates, carves, veneers, paints, and stitches it together. He uses vacuum bags, steam, spray guns, dental tools, sewing tools, and woodworking hand and machines tools.

Angelita’s work is informed by the local landscape. She will be presenting kiln formed glass and acrylic paintings. Her work reflects her love of calligraphic tangled branches and vines, and the experience of being in the moment when she is in the outdoors. While her paintings and glass both evolve through layers of imagery, the glass requires multiple firings, slowly adding elements in successive firings to build a three dimensional landscape.

Erin Leichty exposes all in her newest large scale encaustic paintings. Images of her own spine lay bare on large birch panels, her vertebrae punctured and manipulated as she examines the theme of shame and vulnerability. A multi-layered narrative that explores what keeps us together and pulls us apart emerges in the background of her compositions as she builds a story out of words, pictures and emotions using hot wax, photography, nails, thread and oil sticks. Erin, a native Portland artist, was most recently featured at the Jupiter Gallery on Burnside through November and December, 2013.