August 2014

Upstream, Downstream 2014 gouache & cold wax on Nepal Heavyweight mounted on panel 24 x 14" SOLD

Shu-Ju Wang

Fluid Dynamics

August 5, – August 31, 2014

Portland painter and book artist Shu-Ju Wang examines the fluidity of identity and relationships using the permutability of water as a starting point. This body of work has its genesis in Wang’s collaboration with poet and transgender activist Emily Newberry to create an artist’s book of Newberry’s suite of 2 poems, WATER. Wang then followed with a new series of paintings about our changing relationship with this essential resource, a relationship that reflects who we are as a people.
The exhibit includes paintings and the entire edition of 40 uniquely painted copies of WATER.


















Upstream, Downstream
Medium: gouache, graphite, cold wax on Nepal Heavyweight mounted on
birch panel, 24 x 14″