April 2014

Weston_WitnessLisa Kaser & Grace Weston

Unfamiliar Faces

April 1, – April 27, 2014

Lisa Kaser and invited artist Grace Weston put forth new work shaped by the unsettling experiences of adjustment to unfamiliar environments and modes of process in their April show, Unfamiliar Faces. Ms. Weston’s well-known work of crisply realized photo vignettes have moved towards simpler and impressionistic images in this series, titled ‘Neo Noir’.  The narratives have become less evident as features are blurred and places are merely suggested, leaving a feeling of vulnerability and uncertainty. ‘Silent Partners’, new work by Lisa Kaser, shares a similarly nuanced narrative, as characters float and straddle their undefined terrain. Working primarily in wool felt, Lisa uses hand stitiching to construct and shape a tribe of enigmatic personalities.