November 2012

Melting Ice Sheet - opening waters

Nancy Arko

Water II

Oct 31, 2012 – Dec 2, 2012

First Thursday Reception, November 1, 6-9pm
Artist’s Talk, November 18th, 11am

In November at Waterstone Gallery we are excited to present Water II, an exhibition by Nancy Arko featuring new work in oil, acrylic and watercolor.

For many years Nancy has worked to capture in her paintings the sensory experiences of sounds in Nature. She uses color, shape, rhythm and movement to convey the magic of these auditory states. In particular she has been entranced with water, so ever-present as it is, and so vital to all aspects of life.

When asked about her work she said, “In childhood I loved both the visual beauty of water and the unique sounds water makes, such as the sound of water lapping against our boat or dock which I heard so often when I lived in Minnesota.  When we moved to Oregon, new dimensions were added to my experiences. I fell in love with the gorgeous crashing waves along our rugged shore, the deafening roar of our beautiful waterfalls, and the gentle beauty of encircling water against reeds and grasses in shallow waters and running streams.”

Nancy’s new work in WATER II continues her exploration, this time including paintings about water in its atmospheric and frozen states. The quietness and muffled sounds after a snowfall or in a frozen landscape are magical to Nancy because small sounds can be heard and larger ones are accented. These are some of the sensations she translates into the basic elements of shape and color.  As a longtime Oregonian, Nancy has come to appreciate and celebrate the subtle beauty of our many shades of gray. Days of rain, drizzle, fog and overcast skies – these experiences, too, are captured and revealed through the simplicity of gesture and paint on canvas.