May 2012

Gravity (7 pieces) raised copper with carved cherry wood base (forged iron by A. Kartmazov) 37h x 16w x 24d" $4000

Deborah DeWit & Greg Wilbur, with Carl Vandervoort


May 2, 2012 – Jun 3, 2012

For this show, we are exhibiting objects and pictures that reflect/portray the world as we experience it.
~ Greg

Having moved to the Oregon Coast full time last August, I have been introduced to a new cast  of characters in this new life: people, plants, animals, places and atmospheres.  This group of paintings tells a part of the unfolding story and is a taste of the richness I am experiencing as I get to know my new home. I intend for each piece to be an homage to its subject.
~ Deb

As a documentary filmmaker, the setting of my new home at the coast provides many fresh ideas to explore.  I’ve chosen three subjects that are emblematic of the life and community I’ve encountered here and made brief visual portraits of them.