July 2012

R. Keaney Rathbun

A Continuous and Unbroken Thread

Jul 5, 2012 – Jul 29, 2012

Artist Reception: Friday, July 6, 6-9 pm
First Thursday Reception, July 5, 6-9pm
Artist’s Talk, July 21st, 11am

About his show Keaney writes: “There are many of my familiar themes to be found in this exhibition, celebrations of love and partnership, the inter-relationships and connections I see all around me, minutiae of my daily life, as well as my thirst for experience and discovery. Through these works I continued my investigations into finding my place in the world and my interactions with it.

Some of the work in this show is the result of experimenting further with needlepoint tapestry media.  I have undertaken more complex imagery, experimented with twining several colors together to achieve various effects, and using antique 14k gold-wrapped silk in some of the needlepoint works, and phosphorescent threads in others.  Most exciting is the new synthesis of needlepoint with my wood sculptures. It provides me yet another resource I can use to create richer and more complex images.”