October 2011

Sunflower Fields Forever acrylic on canvas 60 x 48" SOLD

Sue-Del McCulloch
& Robert Hess

New Work

Oct 5, 2011 – Oct 30, 2011

In these recent landscapes, Sue-Del McCulloch returns to certain vistas and favorite fields to deepen her exploration of changing light as it carves the emerging forms of the land. Living and working in rural country for 25 years, she is able to view the open lands and forests as they are impacted by our uses of them. Though the land seems to be an eternal factor under ephemeral skies, it is an illusion; one that can be seen to alter as we watch. Frequently from the same the same viewpoint, the painting become a “stop-action” depiction, recording what we have now, keeping it momentarily in the world, knowing it will not last. McCulloch studied at University of Oregon under Laverne Krause and at Willamette University with her mentor, Carl Hall and with another art hero, Robert Hess.

Robert Hess is a highly regarded Oregon sculptor and professor emeritus of Willamette University. He holds a master’s degree in art from University of Notre Dame. His work is described as having a “direct sincerity” and “robustness”. He has been called “the traditional classic modern artist who sees art as having a big vision”. Robert Hess says, “The pressure of relating inner and outer reality and giving it physical play, asking what is formative of art alongside what is formative of being human, is my obsession.” Several of these new sculptures in cast bronze have a provocative reference to the powerful elegance of that most basic of structures, bones. Hess says “I want to drive the viewer to another level of consciousness”.