December 2011

Eileen Cotter Howell


Nov 30, 2011 – Jan 1, 2012

The abstract paintings of Eileen Cotter Howell speak directly to our subconscious minds. Glimpses of the familiar combine with flowing rhythmic shapes, dense patterns and vibrant color to create an accumulation of energy within the artwork. The ebb and flow of this visual language builds like a chant, evoking our connection to the energy of the universe.

We are as much a part of this energy as the movement of the tides and planets, and the formation of rocks, trees and stars. We cannot sever this connection. It binds us equally to the past and future. That the force behind this connection remains a mystery to us makes it no less real. In Cotter Howell’s work, you feel the energy, but are left to supply the context.

In our information age the preoccupation with facts interferes with a search for deeper knowledge. By default what falls consistently within our range of awareness is accepted by our sense of reason as familiar, constant and true. The further we drift from the concrete, the less comfortable we become. But our intuitive self recognizes that at our best we are seekers, acknowledging how little we know and moving forward with an aching desire to know more.