October 2010

Jordan Tull

Die Konturen Zeichnen

Oct 7, 2010 – Oct 31, 2010


Waterstone Gallery is pleased to present Die Konturen Zeichnen by Jordan Tull. The exhibit celebrates the Portland-based artist’s commitment to hybrid abstraction – evoking minimalism, goth, modern architecture, and techno through fabricated metal sculptures.

Subtle and stylish, here formal reductivity is the status quo, elegantly paired with provocative physicality. Ominous skins of enamel, patina, and vinyl silhouette Tull’s complex geometric structures.

“The sculptures could be high-end design items, but their most practical objective is to unsettle and stimulate more than just an appreciation of their fine lines and sensual aesthetic attributes.”
– Ana Finel Honigman

Jordan Tull was born in Augsburg, Germany in 1980. He was raised in Derby, Kansas, and attended the Kansas City Art Institute, earning his BFA in Sculpture in 2003. His work has been exhibited at the Wichita Art Museum, Mark Woolley Gallery, Tractor, Little Field, IGLOO and most recently at the Oregon College of Art and Craft. Jordan lives and works in Portland, Oregon.



Die Konturen Zeichnen is translated “to draw the outlines”. The literal meaning of this title is as relevant to my current art-making practice as the idea of “translation” is – as a trans-formative process. This is because I essentially begin making art by designing it around logistical, imagined, and intuitive parameters. It has become standard practice for me to use CAAD software to create drawings of the work in order to fabricate it accurately. Here, vector outlines will represent my sculpture’s industrially perfect structural components juxtaposed to its axial inspiration. The goal is to materially translate something that’s digitally perfect into physical reality.



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