August 2010

Print Arts Northwest

Other Voices, Other Rooms

Aug 5, 2010 – Aug 29, 2010

Other Voices, Other Rooms, a title borrowed from Truman Capote’s enigmatically poetic and symbolic first novel, is a collaborative exhibition between Waterstone Gallery and Print Arts Northwest (PAN). PAN is a regional educational non-profit whose mission is education, promotion and appreciation of printmaking as a fine art. Four printmakers from Waterstone Gallery curated this exhibit from the work of the 100+ artist-members of PAN.

The curators were drawn to images that transported them to completely other and singular worlds. The works chosen share qualities of “otherness” and mystery. This “otherness” has a fragility and delicacy that sometimes is in contrast to the actual image. Each artist possesses a mastery of their chosen medium and, more importantly, the techniques employed serve and enhance their imagery.

There are prints by 14 artists in this exhibition; among them are Mary Farrell, Gesine Janzen, Sheryl Funkhouser, and Tallmadge Doyle. The curators of the exhibit are: Shelley Chamberlin, Kelly Orr, Keaney Rathbun, and Thomas Rude.