About Nancy Wilkins

In September, 2014 I was commissioned by the Portland,OR airport (PDX) to create “Carpet Diem!”, a giant, 11′ x 16′ collage in tribute to the much beloved, soon to be replaced, carpet. The piece was made using actual carpet from throughout the airport along with Instagram images travelers have taken in situ. “Carpet Diem!” will be on display through 2015, Concourse D. Hanging on a wall above the moving walkway near Gate D2, look up!!

Since 1999, I have been a printmaker focused on creating two different types of work: colorful, abstract/geometric monoprints/collages and stark, monochromatic, landscape photoetchings.

In my art making I feel I am always learning, always striving– hoping to push farther while learning when best to stop. What engages me mentally and intuitively and what keeps me motivated is the problem-solving exercise, the collaboration and dance of creating composition in relation to the physical qualities of the materials.

The monoprints and collages are made spontaneously in a kind of mental/emotional wrestling-mode and the photoetchings more meditatively and technical.